We review the new track from Gemma Felicity – This Place

Now more than ever, the internet dominates our lives. I mean, you’re online reading this right now. But our obsession with social media in particular has become quite the global pandemic of its own. London lyricist Gemma Felicity explores this superficial fascination in her first single ‘This Place’.

Gemma contrasts some pretty deep and candid lyrics with a danceable upbeat sound making the over three-minute track gorgeously dark pop.

With wavy synths, echoey percussion and sombre piano movements – the addition of the artist’s sweet, soulful and reverbed-soaked vocals feels very end-of-the-night aching dancefloor-filler. Albeit with an incredibly meaningful and thought-provoking message.

In a world obsessed with Instagram likes, celebrity culture and keeping-up-appearances – it’s no wonder many people struggle with their mental health as a result of these pressures. Lyricism talks of following the latest fad, only showing people the ‘best bits’ of your life, and how social media allows us to project a false image regardless of what is going on behind the scenes.

“I can’t be in this place / They all say they like her face, but / Oh who cares about it / If her makeup’s down it / And she’s always drinking, sniffing powders / Trying to drown it out”

This Place’ is a song you can groove to, but also one to make you stop dead and really think. There’s an almost off-kilter vibe to track which elicits a sense of uneasiness, and the layered vocals towards the end evoke a sense of information overload we can often feel from non-stop scrolling.

Reminiscent of fellow female artists like Robyn, Charlie XCX and Nina Nesbitt, Gemma Felicity makes a striking debut with ‘This Place’. And I don’t mind admitting that if I could, I’d double-tap it.