LUCY CRISP One Summers Day Artwork
LUCY CRISP One Summers Day Artwork


Sunny dance-pop vibes from Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Lucy Crisp with her latest single ‘One Summer’s Day’.

After the release of debut track ‘Feet’ during the height of the national lockdown, Lucy followed this up with ‘Moonlight Skaters’ in February 2021. These along with the song ‘One Lie’ (a collaboration with Omari Marsalis), received praise from the likes of BBC Introducing amongst others.

This new tune sees the artist reflect on a happy and healthy relationship against a backdrop of optimistic danceable beats.

Running at just over three minutes in length, ‘One Summer’s Day’ takes light fluttery synths and flourishing keys blended together with a peppy beat that feels more summery than a Solero.

With a hook written in just 30 minutes while waiting for her partner to arrive, Lucy explained “For a while, I had felt nostalgic about that summer and the feeling of being in love with someone you can see a long-term future with.” And there really is that certain butterflies in your stomach, heart-fluttering quality to this track that’s palpable – particularly in a recurring synth-soaked phrase that washes over you each time like a warm summer’s breeze.

“..one summer’s day back in July / August came, we had the time of our lives / You said ‘I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine’”

Crisp’s vocal delivery is both playful and packing a punch. There’s some serious power there, which brings to mind various dance vocalists of the nineties and noughties such as Kelly Llorenna of N-Trance and Berri to name a few. It’d be fair to say that this track wouldn’t feel out of place on a mixtape with these artists.

A gorgeously upbeat offering from Lucy Crisp that builds and swells to a electrifying peak – this song is perfect to soundtrack any sunny day that heads our way and a reminder that summer is just around the corner..