We review the new track from Mami Marissa – Go With The Flow

A succulent tune carried along by the luscious rhythmic vocals, the new track from London artist Mami Marissa is full of ‘90s nostalgia married with modern elements to create a wonderfully fresh and entertaining sound.

Go With The Flow is marked by brilliantly clean production and a clear natural raw vocal talent. Marrying together influences from R&B and dancehall it has an undeniably feel-good vibe throughout, providing a much-needed spark of light as the cold winter nights roll in. Minimalistic in some places, its clear that this is an artist who believes in her talents and wants to show them off, and why not?

With this her sixth track to be released so far, she is quietly building an impressive, even if still small, back catalogue of tracks which are sure to soon grab an awful lot of attention. Since her debut back in 2019 she has also began performing live, and by all records has been unsurprisingly very well received so far, Go With The Flow is sure to only enhance that.

It’s a track packed full of positivity, passion, and warmth, taking genres renowned for their melodic rhythms and bringing them together to become even more than the sum of their parts. Everyone needs that track that can instantly make them feel that bit better, and this is a track that lends itself to those duties perfectly. This is a great effort from the up-and-coming artist, and we look forward to hearing more.