Rising indie artist from Miami Stereo Roux’s new single “Run For Your Life” is a hopeful track that displays innocent and playful acoustic melodies that keep the listener engaged as it dreamily drifts in and out of sombre and sparkling instrumentals.  

Beginning with a dull mood created by subdued acoustic guitar chords and echoing, solemn vocals “Run For Your Life” quickly and impressively smoothly transitions into a much more light-hearted and lively instrumental passage. Sounding inspired by something off the latest Strokes album with a racing and frisky pace to it but with more of a bedroom pop/DIY tint this instrumental is a classic modern indie joy that sets the musical tone and rhythm for the rest of the track.

The transition between sounds seen at the beginning of “Run For Your Life” appears later again in the track but this time as the song takes more of an indie-rock than indie-pop tone with the addition of electric guitar riffs, however this time the transition for me doesn’t feel as natural or engaging as before.

Personally, I’d have liked for the track to have maintained its more bedroom indie pop vibe but have developed further on that by adding a new chord pattern or lyrical content to the mix rather than the same chorus repeated just with the adding of the electric guitar. This would have kept the track from feeling repetitive towards the end and made the second half more captivating.  

Overall, “Run For Your Life is a track that has some catchy and exuberant melodies and has understandably gained much popularity due to its ticking of the indie-pop boxes and infectiously cheerful energy. Next time I believe Stereo Roux could add to this spirit by continuing to add new elements to the track throughout.