The Cavs

We review the new track from The Cavs – Running

The ever-energetic Cavs return with another expectedly vibrant track, Running.

Although characterised by their upbeat indie melodies, they are far from just another ‘lad band’. Bringing together the traditional Manchester swagger and undeniable musical talent, they continue to take big strides toward becoming the full package.

With Running, they have continued with the formula that has been a great success for them so far. The riffs are piercing, the vocals are full of energy and the whole sound just has a wonderful exuberance running through it.

Where it does differ to some of their previous works though is in its maturity. As to be expected after a few years together as a band now, they have really began to refine their sound. They have clearly discovered what works best for them, and have steadfastly stuck to it, and this track is justification of that process.

Off the back of some of their biggest shows to date, and radio play for this track from John Kennedy on Radio X, they are clearly reaping the rewards of their hard work. To keep producing these lively indie bangers one after another is no mean feat, especially being Manchester boys where its seemingly imprinted into the DNA to do it.

Their tracks continue to get better with each release. Their shows will get bigger with each announcement. Now is the time to join the hype train. Give them a listen below.

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