The Height - I Know There's More


Hailing from the sunny streets of Salford come The Height. Named after a well-known area of the city, the three-piece alt indie band return this month with their latest single ‘I Know There’s More’.

After only forming in the late summer of last year, the lads – John, Brandon and Ted – quickly followed up with singles ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Go’, both of which received acclaim and praise from radio play and musicians alike including legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr no less!

From this, selling out their very first headline gig at Salford Lads’ Club and vocalist John becoming somewhat of a viral sensation with his local busking – you’d be forgiven for thinking this band were seasoned musicians with years in the scene under their belts. But they’re only teenagers! 

For young artists, it can seem like a hell of a long road. Between the writing, gigging and grafting to the more mundane that life throws your way in the form of work, school and college. ‘I Know There’s More’ tackles all of that.

Lyrically, we see the world through the eyes of these up and coming musicians – words bristling with ambition and determination to follow their dreams. Talking about the track, the band said…
“[It is] written about living in Salford and waiting for this amazing life in music to take off.. I know there’s more about seeing where we hope it will take us and just dreaming about that while enjoying what we’re doing today”

Vocals come straight in on this one as John delivers a performance well beyond his 13 years. There’s an assuredness to this vocal delivery which brings to mind the work of Oasis and Supergrass amongst others. A bumbling bassline keeps the pace as this almost 4 minute track ticks along. There’s no rush here. It’s like a flow of consciousness on a stroll through the Salford streets.

Packed with youthful aspiration and charm, but with a maturity beyond their years – this track from The Height encourages young people (and us all) to not give up on their dreams.

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