God’s Own County is no stranger to the indie-rock scene. Whether you’re into Pulp, the Cribs, Milburn, Reverend and the Makers or the Kaiser Chiefs – there’s gotta be something in the air over there. Or in the ale perhaps.

And it’s on that note that we come to The N.S.O. Four young Yorkshire lads -born and bred – back with their latest release – ‘Up and Down’.

Following on from their sombre debut back in November ‘Hurts Instead’ – the band have ramped up the pace, the flair and the attitude in this new track. Bringing into play influences from another well-known Yorkshire export…

‘Up and Down’ comes in at a snappy 2.37 running time, a far cry from their lengthy first track – but in this case, short is pretty damn sweet. From the opening nimble drums and start-stop angular guitars we’re set in motion, lurching forward down an indie track. Destination: somewhere dark and moody.
“Why don’t you bring me down? / And just laugh it away / Up and down / You spin me ‘round”

It’s a tale of suspicions and distrust with a flavour of early Arctics (i.e ‘Fake Tales…’) – at least instrumentally. There’s even a call-response style with the vocals that feels quite Turner/Helders in places. That said, lead vocal delivery is less rapid-fire and more soulful with just the right hint of grit. There’s also a bluesy element to this track, particularly in the deftly demonstrated guitar solo around the 1.48 mark.

‘Up and Down’ has all the ingredients of a decent indie-rock number, served up in a neat, short and sweet package. From a band who pride themselves on experimenting and mixing influences into their work, that is only gonna pave the way on the journey to finding their signature sound. Keep your eyes (and ears) out for these lads.

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