Celebrating 45 years together as a band and the release of their first album (‘Made of Rain’) in three decades, The Psychedelics Furs finally got to play their forever delayed Royal Albert Hall gig (originally scheduled for May 2020, then October 2021).

The Furs belong to the underrated gang alongside contemporaries Devo and Split Enz. They are seemingly only remembered for two or three songs and never receive the acclaim that New Order or The Cure are praised for. Richard Butler is still the same cool, charismatic front man that any group would dream for and leads the sextet made up of the only original members and brother Tim Butler on bass and Roger Morris back on guitar after 40 years away. The band mixed their glorious back catalogue alongside a handful of tracks off their latest album; ‘Wrong Train’ and ‘No One’ faired the best, but sadly where I sat there were quite a few toilet visits whenever they played new tracks, rather sad affair considering they have been doing greatest hit tours for the past two decades; wouldn’t it be nice to hear some new material?

Butler et al still gave their all and paced around the stage trying their best to engage with the all seated audience. Occasionally fans would wander towards Butler before being escorted away, a frustrating affair for all. Tracks like ‘Pretty in Pink’, ‘Love My Way’ and ‘Heaven’ deserve to be danced to rather than the sound of a thousand knee taps. The band came on much later than everyone imagined and by the time they returned to encore fan favourites ‘Sister Europe’ and ‘India’ from their debut record, many had already made for the exit. The greatest of occasions deserves a more appreciative audience.

📸 Credit – Gavin Sawyer

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