We review the single from Robert O’Connor – One Way Ticket

Delivering retro vibes, ‘One Way Ticket’ is the brand new single from Dublin based pop singer Robert O’Connor. Nodding its head to the sounds of the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, ‘One Way Ticket’ is dramatic and dynamic.

Driven by pulsing rhythm and dramatic clock chimes and percussion rolls, the instrumental is reminiscent of a countdown, referenced in the lyrics, “the clock is ticking”. O’Connor’s vocals convey a sense of urgency, emulating the feeling of the backing track. ‘One Way Ticket’ gives us an unbelievably catchy melody that is structured in a melodically satisfying way, climbing and falling to start the cycle again.

You can hear the influence of producer Gareth Shortland (Steps, Erasure) in this pulsing electro pop anthem. Blending the past and present effortlessly, Robert O’Connor digs into the retro fashion and is sure to gain followers with this pop hit. The production of this single is extremely polished, with Robert O’Connor giving us a beautiful clean sound. This is a perfect 80s pop song, and yet the sharp production gives it a distinctly modern edge.

O’Connor’s vocals are the steadying hand that guides you through the frenzied soundscape, a comforting voice that leads you through the story of the song. Lyrics that tell the story of someone packing up and leaving everything behind, the track perfectly emulates the emotions of this decision, giving a sense of urgency and adrenaline with the ticking percussion and driving rhythms.