We review The Waah-Kin Tribe’s new single – Who Loves It

The era of bouncing northern indie rock may not be topping the charts as much as it once did, but that isn’t stopping Scunthorpe three-piece The Waah-Kin Tribe from making their efforts to keep it alive.

Who Loves It’ is the seventh single to come from the band, and there’s no holding back from them in this one.

This brief 2 and a half minute bop is equipped with jangling rhythm guitar, infectious melodies, and a whole load of ‘lad culture’ feel injected into the lyrics. You can just picture this track blaring out in any indie nightclub and blending in without any question.

An energetic song like this is perfect for The Waah-Kin Tribe’s already self-proclaimed electrifying live performances. I have no doubt that fans of the band will enjoy ‘Who Loves It’ just as much as the rest of their music.

However, even if it’s the perfect song for fans of the group, you could see how it might struggle to catch ears and draw in new listeners. It seems to have fallen into the trap of not offering an awful amount to be original and like something we’ve never heard before. What stops people from listening to the extensive back catalogue of northern indie rock bops about going out on the town that already exists?

Making an effort to bring a refreshing element to their music would be an undoubtedly positive and smart step that could bring more success to The Waah-Kin Tribe’s already catchy tunes.

Give ‘Who Loves It’ a listen down below, and let us know what you think!