Following his latest album release in September ‘Typical Music’ Tim Burgess, The Charlatans frontman, played Manchester’s iconic venue, Gorilla. And here’s how it went down!   

After support from Wax-Tree-Cast and Dean McMullen the crowd were perfectly amped up for the main man himself Tim Burgess. As the band approached, they were met with an uproar of triumph emerging throughout the crowd, 100’s of people animated with enthusiasm and anticipation. Instantly I knew this gig would not be one to forget any time soon.  

Immediately after the first note of ‘Typical Music’s ‘Flamingo’ was dished out by the glorious 7 piece band, the audience embraced the rhythmic tones and the show had finally begun. ‘Flamingo’ was laced with pacifying backing vocals supplied by the band, unlocking a fully immersive experience for our ears. This song was the perfect opener, keeping the audience in the palm of Burgess’ hand, no escape necessary.  

As the set progressed, blends of buoyant and breezy echoed throughout Gorilla with continuous smiling faces reflected from the band, bouncing back from the audience.  

Emotional sensations were inflicted throughout the playing of ‘Lucky creatures’,from Tims ‘I Love the Sky’ released in 2020, with a compelling climax of violin and piano, allowing us to rest our dancing feet and take up a comfortable sway in preparation for what awaits us.  

Upon taking a seat, Tim played ‘View from Above’ allowing complete transparency to the raw grace of his vocals soon following up with one of ‘Typical Music’s most prominent songs, ‘Here comes the Weekend’ permitting the classic feelgood Burgess way to linger in the crowd’s wits.  

Midway through the set the audience, content in the whimsical world being unravelled right before them, had not been expecting a Charlatans special at this point however that is exactly the magic they were met with. And what a magical thing ‘The Only One I Know’ was. The way the masterpiece had been resculpted revealed a refined organ and dubbed down guitars. The atmosphere was unmatched and oozed with freeness and strangers finding common ground in something they truly treasure. 

The whole night was an extremely beautiful thing. One that I absolutely won’t forget. Despite Tim being on the Manchester music scene for quite some time, I was fascinated with his growing joy to do what he does best whilst being accompanied by a fresh, newfangled band, keeping the new and old of his fans completely transfixed with the stunning sorcery he continues to create. And that is far from anything Typical.