We review two new songs from Villanelle & The Northern Wonder – The Good, The Bad & Pedro’s/Unravel

A double release consisting of two sophisticated ‘modern vintage’ tracks to listen to at your own desire, how could you say no?

In line with their evolution from a duo into a five-piece, Manchester outfit Villanelle & The Northern Wonder decided to re-record two of their songs to better reflect who they were and their new sound. Out of this re-recording comes the new and improved versions of ‘The Good, The Bad & Pedro’s’ and ‘Unravel’.

The first of the two tracks really lives up to its spaghetti western name. Doused in cowboy- and crooner-inspired sounds, ‘The Good, The Bad & Pedro’s’ allows you to dive deep into its rich tones. I think it will be really interesting to see if they can pull off the coolness of the track live.

‘Unravel’, on the other hand, throws in an injection of the blues to the band’s already stylish sound. It goes hand in hand with the first song and makes for a well-packaged back-to-back listen.

However, the songs still have their rough edges. Overall, the sound is consistent and well recorded, but there are moments when the vocals sound a little rushed, which is something that could easily be sorted by a re-recording.

With the band planning to release an EP later this year, hopefully, we see these improvements that will only make the group even better.

The release of these two tracks comes just in time for their show at Club Academy in Manchester on 25th June. Check them out, and let us know what you think! If you like it then go and catch them live!