We review Yakumama’s debut single – Let Me Out Alive

Groove and fuzz become a perfect pairing in Yakumama’s debut single ‘Let Me Out Alive’.

Salford duo Yakumama seem to have come out of nowhere and are already making waves in the Manchester music scene. In a matter of months, they’ve gone from announcing themselves to the world to releasing a blistering debut track and getting played on Radio X. There’s no messing about from this pair, and it only takes one listen of ‘Let Me Out Alive’ to know that they mean business.

The rhythm is tight and will get your head nodding in a matter of moments. It provides the balance that allows the dirtiness of the guitar sound to do what it needs to. Whilst it would be easy to brush over the messiness of the guitar, there are actually some really well thought out riffs that aren’t too show-offy but will subtly impress the ear.

Talking about the song, the duo said “Let Me Out Alive” is moving against the tide, not confirming and generally hating your day job.”. I can’t quite put my finger on saying exactly what they mean by this, but in an odd way, it also makes sense once you listen to the track.

The distorted riffs of ‘Let Me Out Alive’ are not the easiest on the ear and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, because nothing ever is. However, there’s a booming scene of punk and music alike in Manchester right now, and this Salford pair will make a fine addition to it.

The swagger of ‘Let Me Out Alive’ is there from the bottom up, and it shows promising things for what Yakumama might give us next.