We Reviewed the Latest Single from Tom Collins – Another Cigarette

Given the UK’s current indie scene, and with a list of influences that takes in the likes of Sam Fender, Catfish and the Bottlemen and DMAs, one would be forgiven for immediately assuming Welsh singer-songwriter Tom Collins, and indeed his new single ‘Another Cigarette’ as just another arrow to the country’s already overstocked quiver.

Doing so, however, would be a massive oversight. Instead of the expected, listeners with an open mind are met with an indie-rock anthem that explores themes of dating in the superficial age of Tinder, with Collins drawing on his own personal experiences to inject something personal, yet ultimately hugely universal into the track’s narrative.

In three minutes of anthemic alt-rock, Collins’ influences are obvious, but by no means derivative, instead, they merge, creating something ultimately stronger than the sum of its parts. Steadily mounting from its opening driving guitar riff, the track peaks during an emotionally fraught chorus in which Collins’ idiosyncratic vocal is really allowed to soar.

Of course, it goes without saying that with such influences Collins’ will face detractors, but you can almost certainly guarantee there’s going to be far more people who find something to love in his music, than those who find something to complain about. Indeed, one only needs to take a listen to his previous releases to see just how far he’s come in the three short years he’s been releasing music.

With several singles under his belt already, it’s clear that this is an artist who takes himself seriously whilst harbouring buckets of potential. And while ‘Another Cigarette’ is a solid release, one that elevates Collins even further, it feels like there’s still plenty more to come from the singer-songwriter.