We reviewed the new album from Mar Palafox – Mar

Costa Rican singer/songwriter Mar Palafox is set to make an impression with his latest album ‘Mar’. Compact with 12 individual tracks, there is certainly a lot to take in upon listening to this release.

Before I begin to detangle this album, it is important to remember that all artists have to begin somewhere, and Mar certainly has talent. But, with that being said, there are areas for improvement.

For example, in some of the songs, the vocals feel slightly out of place and a little messy. A touch upon the key and volume would make a whirl of a difference. However, in terms of his tone, you can tell that Mar is set to be a Rockstar. Bellowing each word he omits; the passion and fire are most definitely there.

Furthermore, the instrumentation in this album is also good. It’s quick, it’s bouncy, and each song provides us with something different. ‘Algorithm’ adopts a slightly slower paced tempo, and there is quite clearly an immense focus on the guitar. Whereas tracks like ‘Nuclear’ and ‘Anarchy’ are filled thick with lionhearted percussion and bellowing baselines – in short, they basically carry the core of a punk-rock melody.

Despite the many things there are to improve in this release, there are equally as many things to praise. And once Mar finesses the art of production and finds his voice, there will be no stopping him.

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