We Reviewed the New EP from The Louisana Project – When My Time Comes

It’s difficult to pin down the latest EP from The Louisana Project. What started life as an exercise in catharsis for frontman JJ Eaton quickly became more than that, it became an exploration of what he was doing, and his place in life. Harbouring an interest in a wide-range of genres and artists, When My Time Comes also became something of a celebration of the bands and genres that mean so much to Eaton.

Six tracks of what could loosely be described as alt-rock, it takes listeners through tracks influenced by artists as disparate as Metallica and Chris Stapleton. You’d be forgiven for assuming this was just another classic rock record, however. At least were you going solely off opener ‘Common Ground’. Four minutes of snaking guitar riffs, palm mutes and chugging bass, it’s by no means a bad song, but it seems fairly generic as far as the genre goes, doing little to hint at the variation that follows.

Elsewhere, ‘Demons Inside’ is something of an early surprise, a tender acoustic offering that showcases Eaton’s skills as both a guitar player, and a vocalist, and the country influence of Chris Stapleton is obvious. ‘The Ones’ on the other hand is a dirty bluesy number that laments life’s knack of giving us the people we don’t deserve.

‘Dodgin’ Bullets’ lifts the mood perfectly however. A bright, breezy country number that elevates the sombre tone of the record at just the right moment, it’s just yet another facet of an artist whose love and appreciation lies not just with individual musicians, but with the music itself – and it shines through across the entirety of When My Time Comes.