We Reviewed the New EP From The Mayhaps – Lost and Found

Your opinion on Lost & Found, the latest EP from Plymouth rockers The Mayhaps depends entirely on your opinion of late ’00s alternative rock. Five tracks that vary in heaviness, the EP as a whole will feel instantly familiar, even welcoming, to anyone who grew up listening to bands from anywhere across that spectrum.

Indeed, there’s echoes of the likes of Panic! At the Disco, but also Twin Atlantic or Nothing But Thieves. As such the whole EP harbours an almost timeless, transatlantic air that could place its release at any time over the last 20 years. In lesser hands, that might feel trite, uncreative or simply boring. Yet The Mayhaps have managed to pay homage to their influences whilst retaining enough personality to fit neatly alongside them also.

Opening number ‘Lost’ is a bouncy, poppy offering that shares much in common with the band’s American influences. There’s a quiet sense of optimism that builds throughout the track too, though this is nothing compared to the soaring anthemia of following track ‘Otherside’. Three minutes exactly of rousing alt-rock, it’s a track made for the main stage of festivals up and down the country.

Elsewhere, however, things get a little more diverse. ‘Lifeline’ is the record’s obligatory ‘ballad’. A combination of emotive strings, acoustic guitar, and the band’s trademark riffing, it might not be an obvious choice as the record’s stand-out track, but it certainly showcases the depths of their musicality more than anywhere else. The final two tracks, ‘Hotel 43’ and ‘The Island’ respectively, once again establish the band’s emotive alt-rock, ending the EP as it begins.

For those with an interest in rock and alternative music, there’s a huge amount to love here. Both familiar and fresh enough to still be interesting, Lost & Found is a homage to all things alt-rock and shows huge amount of promise for a debut EP. Of course, with that in mind, for those who prefer their music to feel a bit more mainstream, it isn’t likely to change your opinion.