We Reviewed The New Single From LACHYO – ‘Get Up’

While it would be unfair to dismiss the debut single from Australia’s LACHYO entirely, it isn’t a song that’s easy to get excited about either. Written originally in his bedroom, before being taken to the studio and becoming the polished article released today, ‘Get Up‘ is three minutes of shimmering bedroom pop that lacks originality but harbours plenty of promise.

Indeed, the one major qualm is that ‘Get Up‘ is at its heart a bedroom pop record, just one that lacks the inherent charm of such a release. While the emotion is evident in LACHYO’s vocal delivery, the track has been polished within an inch of its life, taking with it any of scuffs, cracks and crackles that make the emotion believable. Instead what we’re left with is a track that glistens and sparkles beautifully, yet struggles to retain a sense of individuality in its delivery.

Of course, this is a debut single, and an impressive one at that if only one can overlook its apparent cynicism in favour of the button bright pop production. It just all feels very familiar, doing little to stand out from the wealth of other tracks all vying for Spotify’s editorial playlists.

This said, there is promise buried beneath the production. LACHYO’s lyricism isn’t as trite as first listens might have you believe, and the musicianship at play is certainly impressive also, he could just benefit from dialling down the production several notches, better exhibiting the emotion and humanity within said lyrics.