We Review the New Single from Mike Blue – Saphire

Though we’re still in the depths of winter, and if we’re to believe the media there’s more of it on the way, Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Mike Blue has his eyes set firmly on the summer; his latest single ‘Saphire’ harbouring an understated, yet deep and inherent warmth.

Though a solo artist for a number of years, the introduction of Blue’s backing band provided a sense of depth and nuance to his work not often afforded to solo artists, something that’s increased with each and every release since, and really coming to the fore with ‘Saphire’.

From the outset, the gently finger picked guitar, the warm washes of subtle synths and Blue’s inimitable vocal suggest this is something special. By the time the chorus blossoms, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s been confirmed.

At five minutes long, one would be right in thinking it is a little on the long side as far as the likes of radio would be concerned. And though an extended sax solo a little after the half way point would be the obvious omission as far as radio edits go, you’d lose much of ‘Saphire’s charm and appeal in the process.

A track that reveals hidden details with each and every listen, it’s a warm and rich offering that showcases not just Mike Blue’s talents as a songwriter, but also provides a platform to showcase his band’s talents too. Stunningly detailed, ‘Sapphire’ is a single that allows Mike Blue to stand head and shoulders above the legions of singer-songwriters across the UK currently.