We reviewed the new single from Sukko – Take Your Time

From a smooth jazz opening, indie-pop rockers, Sukko entrance you into their warm sound on their latest track, Take Your Time.

The Norwich-based vocals have a stylish verse of aura-focused guitars and easy-going vocals. The song progresses into upbeat choruses with bopping indie chords and climbing drum patterns.

Descending back into a slower verse, the lyrics centering around friends and experiences make this a feel-good-summer anthem. The musical focus continues good vibes from the vocal approach and guitar/bass rhythms, but the trumpet in the background provides a somber touch to the overall theme of Take Your Time.

The group is currently working on their EP, A Violent Deep Feel which will no doubt blemish with cosy guitars and sunny feelings.

It has all the makings of an indie song you want in your life to put a smile on your face as you take in the sun. There are elements of emo dotted around, but the upbeat tempo takes centre stage. The vocals are so soothing that they blend so well with the instrumentation.

An instant bop.