We reviewed the new single from Sweet Jayne – Don’t Ya

A seasoned singer who has performed with some of the greats including The Chieftains, Frankie Galvin and Fin Furey, Sweet Jayne is now stepping into her own spotlight with exceptional new Americana infused single ‘Don’t Ya’.

Using a delicate chord progression to convey a traditional folk song, Sweet Jayne’s distinctive vocals sound what the female version of David Bowie would sound like. Incorporating blues, lo-fi-pop, and folk to create her signature sound, Sweet Jayne is an artist that refuses to follow the mainstream rulebook, and certainly creates a safe haven for fans to dive straight into.

The only thing that feels familiar about this track is that traditional folk has been done thousands of times before but with better production.

The arrangement of ‘Don’t Ya‘ lets down the side ever so slightly because it’s not as polished as hoped. Recorded at a home studio in Dublin, the Irish songwriter will definitely leave you impressed with her vocal and songwriting ability.

Intimate until just past the one minute mark, the track adventures into a soft-rock atmosphere, and the powerhouse drums that are unfolded are breathtaking.

Not as adventurous as hoped, ‘Don’t Ya’ still pays ode to a lot of potential in Sweet Jayne’s future career.