We Reviewed the New Single from Trent Worley ‘Around’

Releasing a track that was recorded a decade ago might seem like a risk. Especially for an artist with only one other track available on Spotify. The fact is though, that ‘Around‘, the second single from Australian Trent Worley, feels innocent and whimsical; a snapshot of a time when the world might still have been going to shit, just much more slowly than it seems to be now.

The first track on which Worley played everything himself, as well as mixing it, there was a worry on its discovery that it wouldn’t hold up.

That should never have been in question. Sounding much better than any of today’s current bedroom pop recordings, especially given the fact it was recorded in his parent’s shed, ‘Around‘ is a richly woozly, lightly psychedelic offering that twists and turns through a litany of genres (psych, country, folk) backboned all the while with a band of psychedelic synths and understated guitar.

Whilst the lyricism at play is somewhat simplistic, it works wonderfully to convey the track’s message of positivity and not taking oneself so seriously. An important message no doubt, but the real highlight is the way in which its unpredictable instrumentation works as one, creating a heady and textured backdrop that really highlights Worley’s musicianship.

Impressive, and not just because of its age ‘Around‘ manages to feel both simple and yet delicately nuanced; its composition and instrumentation carrying it forward excellently. Though under three minutes long, you could do much worse than rolling a joint and pondering the ridiculous nature of life alongside Worley.