We Video Premiere the new song from Pornographic Sunset – Self in Solution

Welcome to a new RGM video Premiere, and what a tune this is, we love to show you these new projects and today we have Pornographic sunsets new video for Self in Solution.

Here are a few words from the band about their latest release.

“The EP Gold; Flesh; Dirt explores the uncomfortable moment when we first gaze into a mirror without our armour of self deception, following from our previous work, The Bastard Shows His True Colours, which dealt with the rejection of lies and masks.

Self in Solution is about accepting that in a moment of weakness you have been corrupted. You eventually managed to betray your temptations and break free, but the mark of what you have done is forever with you.
The video reinforces the song’s lyrics and ties into the wider EP narrative.
The song combines elements of goth metal, country, and prog rock.

The arrangement relies on the standard line-up of vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards but augments it with banjo, kazoos, rainsticks, and triangles.”