We have collated a list of bands that have grafted this year and deserve a shout-out,

Your hard work isn’t going unnoticed, we see the hard work you have put into progressing in the music industry, and we see you and recognise your graft in 2023 πŸ‘Š


These boys are sole to the earth, good, solid talented lads, they played many RGM Live shows over the years but have pushed on now laying all over the country and after embracing the nursing nature of This Feeling to push onto another level.

The highlight of the year – Watching them in Bridlington spa.


I have known Nick for many years now, having Page 45 play a few RGM Live shows in Sheffield, I believe in Nick and his music, he is soooo talented and writes beautiful tunes.

This lad deserves a massive pat on the back after showing resilience after he lost a few band members and decided to go solo. He has now found his own lane and loves seeing his graft pay off this year

The highlight of the year – For me, it’s his new song Scars, it’s stunning πŸ‘Š Keep it up Tudes.


the shed project

Reyt, where do you start with these lads eh, from being let down by a promoter on a tour, to selling out gigs all over the country, Releasing a fantastic album, engaging with their people online and building a solid relationship with their fans.

We see your graft lads. And thank you for your graft.

The highlight of the year, releasing their second album Our Fear is their power which they kindly sent me a CD of, nice touch!πŸ‘Š


I have never seen anyone grab the industry by the bollocks like this lad, this year he has toured and toured and toured, created so many class tunes and crafted his own space in the industry, he also got a call from Elton John that we talked to him about on our podcast!!

The highlight of the year, saying a quick hello to him at his gig supporting the Covasettes in Manchester πŸ‘Š

tom a smith tour


Not only have they had a number-one album, and sold-out tours all over the country but they have set the creative bar on how to do promotion, creating many fun promotional videos that are entertaining, funny, and creative

In an industry where a lot of bands are very predictable and, to be honest, boring with the social activity. Bands should be inspired by these lads and how they have evolved. I’ve been so impressed with these lads this year. Well done lads πŸ‘Š

The highlight of the year – Selling out fucking Sheffield ARENA!!!!


We know how hard it is for a solo artist to progress in this industry, this year we have seen Jen progress in her way in her unique style, the animal-loving northeast artist has produced her chicken merch and her own self funded Vinyl release, all positive steps and a sign that we can expect more in 2024

We see your hard work Jen and wish you all the best for the coming yearsπŸ‘Š

Highlight is her vinyl release available HERE


What a grafter, we have witnessed the many different carnations that Lauren Tate has been through over the years and she has regrouped, grafted and created the unstoppable Delilah Bon.

We had the pleasure of seeing her open Tramlines festival this year, she has sold out gigs all over Europe and has recently been on French TV. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, well done πŸ‘Š

Highlight from the year – Being featured on French TV


Sold out tours, a debut album on the horizon, multiple major tour supports, Jamie and Ryan and the lads have catapulted this band to another level this year through hard work and graft.

Engaging online with their empathic fans and writing ace tunes. A perfect yearπŸ‘Š

the k's


We remember putting these lads on many years ago at the Mulberry Tavern in Sheffield, they showed signs even in the early days that they wanted this. this year everything seems to have fallen into place, sold-out tours, and the successful 3rd album that charted. I have all the time in the world for this band.

Highlight – We loved seeing them sell out their tour and loved their Manchester show!

apollo junction gig poster


This band first came to our attention when we saw them support Tom Meighan in Manchester, these fellas know how to put a show on, we had to book them, they headlined our tramlines fringe show and put on an amazing show.

They have been resilient too after the heartbreak of having their van and gear stolen, they didn’t let it stop them.

You have totally smashed it this year lads and wish you all the best for 2024

the mercians tour


The only person to have been on our podcast 3 times. Andrew is a down-to-earth, solid lad with bags of talent.

He has done things his way, selling out his own headline tour, supporting Louis Tomlinson in major venues all over America, and growing his online engagement with his funny tweets, It has been really interesting to watch.

His debut album came out, a major landmark in everyones career, Im sure 2024 is gonna be bonkers, bring it on.

Smashed it πŸ‘Š


A band doing it their way, Marseille have grafted this year, bringing out single, proper promotion, ace music videos, and even played the RGM stage at Tramlines this year.

They have made a great start to their career and we look forward to seeing them grab 2024 by the scruff.


I have all of the time for Sam, having know him personlly I cant think of anyone that has grafted more this year, built a band, tours, videos, and is now doing major support slots all over the country.

Your hardwork isnt going unoticed Sam we wish you all the best mate πŸ‘Š


Young Alex, busking the streets of Manchester at an early age to now selling out shows at the deaf institite, a record label behind him and tune beyond his years, he played a lil show for RGM thi year too at Bask.

2024 is gonna be special for this lad πŸ‘Š


What a talent, I finally got to see her live at This Feelings Live by the sea show in Bridlington, he has really grafted and released so much cool music. I think we are going to see alot more of Ruby in 2024, bring it on.

Highlight of the year has to be her new EP, its superb.