We Review The New Double A Side From Weimar – Marvel To The State/Undesirable Master

Back in January I heard of a Manchester band called ‘Weimar’ and their double A-side single grabbed my attention straight away and now they’re back with another double single… did history repeat itself? 

Their sound differs greatly to their previous tracks and track ‘Marvel Of The State’ kicks off with a delightful funky bass driving through the song. The main elements are a combination of indie and jazz-funk and shows the band forever expanding their pallet and refining their repertoire of song-writing.

The addition of vocals from Rose Niland (Rose & The Diamond Hand) and collaboration with frontman Aidan Cross make for a tasteful and upbeat three minutes. Everything is catchy and does have moments that remind me of the art rock/new wave beats they displayed in earlier numbers. Think the late 70s, if it had never gone crazy with synthesizers. 

Undesirable Master is a lot more stripped back in comparison with Aidan’s vocals swaying back and forth to lows and highs carried by low bass tones and surfer guitars. There is another feature from Niland who’s wailing background vocals fill out the song in previously un-achievable ways; a woman’s touch is vital in music. 

For some reason I hear a lot of early Franz Ferdinand in this track when I think of the vocals and some of their softer instrumentation. By no means does that mean it’s a bad thing with rhythmic drumming keeping everything in check and an infectious bass tone.

It’s about time we got a full album from Weimar demonstrating their talent and they keep me attention for whatever comes next.