Weller – Shards

Weller explore past struggles and future hope in their most recent single ‘Shards’.

Having released ‘All I Want Is Some Peace’, ‘Energised’ and ‘Cleaning This Whole Town’ this year already, the latest track from the Surrey-based four-piece (fronted by vocalist Charlie Weller) follows that same melodic alt-rock approach. And makes for a catchy yet poignant tune. 

With an aspiration to write about the issues that affect young men universally – the band articulate through their lyrics the emotions many may find difficult to express themselves – anguish, fear, anger, love and rejection.
Lyrically, ‘Shards’ explores the difficulty of getting over past experiences – and feeling so overwhelmed by trauma that it holds you back from moving on in anyway.

Moody verses focus on this struggle with the backing of an acoustic guitar and deep bassline, we’re straight off hit with the melancholic vocals of Weller recounting his inner conflict. “My minds so dark / And led astray / Torn by shards”

The heavier drum-lead chorus is contrasted with the beginnings of a brighter lyrical outlook – “in search of the sun”. It’s a relatable feeling for many of us – trying our best to look forward to the future. Ruminating on a past you cannot change doesn’t serve you or your growth. “If your focus is on your past / Your future you’ll lose”.

Shards’ succeeds in being a track with a truly important message wrapped up in a pop-rock package. Relatable, resonating and bound to stick in your head.