Wes King – Loaded Gun

If there was ever an artist that I was surprised wasn’t from Manchester then it would have to be Wes King. His new single, ‘Loaded Gun’, reeks of the Manchester tone. To my surprise, Wes actually hails from Maidstone.

Much like a loaded gun, from the get-go, this track is ready to erupt. Punchy and distorted guitar pounds through the tune. Throughout the entire 3 minutes it powers out of the speakers.

You can certainly say Wes is a man of his word. Following his highly appreciated debut single ‘Living Strange’, he promised ‘something a little different. A more upbeat, guitar-driven summer tune’. Fans better not have got their hopes up for something else, because an upbeat, guitar-driven summer tune is what you’re getting.

It has to be said that at first, it sounded a little like Wes has put on his best Gallagher impression. On further thought, however, I’ve decided he didn’t record the tune with a pair of maracas and a parka jacket. In fact, Wes has put his own King-spin on it. It’s a whole blend of influences, from Arctic Monkeys to Oasis.

What this has resulted in is a fast-paced new tune for you to sing your heart out to after a few pints. Maybe this will be in the beer garden at first, but eventually inside an actual real pub!

King certainly has the set up to go a lot further. After all, his debut single earned 10,000 listeners in its first month. If he manages to whip up more tracks like the ones he has then he’ll definitely have a chance of making a name for himself.

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