West Wickhams – ‘Who’s Out There?’ and ‘The Ghosting Effect’

Stretching the spookiness of Halloween well into the cosiness of November, West Wickhams release a haunting double A-side, featuring singles ‘Who’s Out There?’ and ‘The Ghosting Effect’.

Imagine Bauhaus meets Throbbing Gristle, then combine that with a lethal dose of caffeine and you’re on the right path to capturing the sound of first of the A-sides, ‘Who’s Out There?’. Igniting with a persistent and distortedly fuzzy bass riff, the gothic ‘80s influence is unmistakeable from the first rattle of the eardrum. The smoky grit in the tracks aura grows continuously hair-raising with the interesting textures throughout the production. With the distressed vocals pushed further back into the mix, it feels as if you’re hearing the cries of the damned echo through your own nightmares. The harder you concentrate on them, the more jarring the piercing synths feel over the threatening jolty guitar.

Paired like a fine wine with its eerie soundscape are the demiurgic lyrics. Taking a dystopian approach to the writing, the band explain the story behind the lyrical content; “The Nestene Consciousness has begun its first attempt to invade Earth using deadly window shop dummies. Scientists theorize that the reanimations are occurring due to radiation from a space probe that exploded in Earth’s atmosphere on the way back from Venus.”.

Following ‘Who’s Out There?’ and strolling further into the uncanny valley, we are greeted with fellow A-side ‘The Ghosting Effect’. Talking a little less influence from the gritty basement synth-punk, ‘The Ghosting Effect’ lures us in with warmer, dreamy sounding chords. The smooth soundscape is slightly disturbed by near-dissonant riffs, making sure we feel like we’re being watched…

The contrasting changes between the verses and the choruses are aesthetically creative and certainly effective. Swaying between syncopated dissonance to idyllic, creamy chords decorated in reverb and addictive melodies, ‘The Ghosting Effect’s unique chapters capture a fitting air of classic horror. With another distinguished narrative, the second A-side explores the persecution and escapism of witches in the 18th century.

Though perfectly tailored for Halloween parties or a dusty gothic basement gig, the overall arrangement and composition of the double release is incredible. Weaving both individual and modern interpretations into their creepy stories, West Wickhams dreamy Halloween treat will keep us on our toes all year long…