Wet Leg take O2 Ritz for a Sold Out show in the Midst of their UK Tour. 

Described as the ‘Indie Band of the Moment’ this group seemingly have a lot to prove. 

Recently announced to be Supporting Harry Styles in the next stretch of his tour, Wet Legs reputation proceeds them and I look forward to seeing if their live performances are really as great as their radio plays.

The Ritz is packed, body from wall to wall and it is almost impossible to dance or as I soon realise, leave the venue, 

However, fans seem in high spirits and too my surprise it is a real diverse crowd- all ages and genders coming together for this free-spirited band. 

Wet leg finally hit the stage, although 15 minutes late, this does not seem to deter fans.

Songs like ‘being in love’ and ‘wet dream’ start the night off and are obvious fan favourites- although to an outsider this may be hard to see. 

Onlookers are almost stood still, wherever this is because of how packed the venue has become I’m unsure. 

Unfortunately, the lack of dancing is pivotal and leaves me wondering if fans are actually enjoying this performance. 

Songs like ‘supermarket’ and ‘oh no’ are next on the bill as the band become more comfortable and free willed on stage.

Tongue in cheek ‘Ur mum’ is my personal favourite. 

The band end with a blissful rendition of ‘Careless Whisper’ sure to win over the crowd. 

Wet Leg are for sure a breath of fresh air in the very much male dominated, indie music scene. 

Although, I feel fans are needing a better connection to the band and maybe there ongoing UK tour will solidify this. 

Set List: 

Concerning Habits

Being In Love

Wet Dream 



I Don’t Wanna Go Out

Oh No

I Want To Be Abducted 


Ur Mum

Too Late Now


Chaise Longue 

Careless Whisper