What a festival Live At Leeds – In The Park was, Find out what happened?

The sun is glistening as the Live At Leeds team debut their brand new Temple Newsam Festival.
After years of their Leeds city centre fest, they felt the need to expand their horizons and embark on the journey of becoming one of the most successful summer festivals to date.

Some of those on the bill include Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines, Sports Team, Sea Girls, The Pigeon Detectives, Arlo Parks and Confidence Man.

With four stages from the likes of MTV, DIY, DORK and a hilltop stage- the event is promising to be nothing less than a hair raising one.

As the afternoon begins, ‘Alfie Templeman is set to grace the ‘MTV Main Stage’ with an expected youthful and fresh-faced performance. With an extremely successful debut album “Mellow Moon”- fans wait to see what this fresh new artist has to offer.

Music blares through the speakers as he opens with crowd-pleaser “Who I am” and “Stop Thinking (About Me)” his band exhibit a diverse and slick sound- the chemistry between this band is truly something to see.

Yes- may be a little basic, but the sound works and the listeners below seem to inhale it.

As the performance continues, it seems the bass player catches the eye of many in the audience- his energy I feel overshadows Alfies as he’s darts around the stage, although I don’t think this is a bad thing.

Young Brit award winner “Holly Humberstone” was next as I stayed by the MTV Main stage.
Gaining traction and a number of fans from touring with with likes of Olivia Rodriguez recently- the field becomes flooded with adoring onlookers excited to see what she has to bring today.

Her voice is nothing less than breathtaking and instantly recognisable as she begins with her single “Vanilla”.

She is seen surrounded by her array of synth pads, electric pianos and guitar.
Joined by a female drummer and looping melody’s- the audience sing back gratefully to her as she reaches the chorus and introduces herself.

She finished with fan favourite “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” a euphoric ‘coming of age’ track- perfect for shaping your teenage years and the struggles you face within them.

As the afternoon hit festival attendees were in for a treat. “Sports Team”- a personal favourite of mine- made their way onto the main stage. After news of the release of new album ‘Gulp’ in July, I was intrigued to know how new tunes like ‘R Entertainment’ sounded live.

Alex fronted the pack, with what can only be described as a god like persona- this man is a true performer. He tells the crowd the band are ‘so happy to be back in Leeds’ and that this is a great start to the festival season.

‘Camel Crew’- a song about the South London Music scenes is first to get the crowd going as tensions build and catchy melodies and witty lyrics are sure to be heard for miles.
As if out of nowhere, Alex is seen crowdsurfing during punchy anthem ‘Here’s The Thing’.
Screens above display the insanely large mosh pit breaks out- proving once again collectively, this band is one to watch for the coming years.

After pushing my way out of the sweaty exhilarated fans around me, I head to the more intimate DORK stage.

Liverpool based four piece “Courting” are next to catch my eye. Renowned for breaking the mould in the Indie Pop Punk world. Describing their EP as a ‘mission statement’ I was curious to see how big of a fan base they would attract.

Courting Frontman Sean is seen burrowing into the audience below as prominent and punchy guitar riffs accompany him.
It is now obvious to me why Courting and Sports Team (Despite once belonging to the same record label) are such great supporters of each other- this feels like a harder hitting sports team.

‘Football’ is a complete giveaway of the boys heritage as thick accents and attitude seep through.
The band have now without a doubt become an unlikely favourite of mine.

Previously reviewing “The Vaccines” at Manchester Victoria Warehouse- I was interested to see if they were prepared to bring anything particularly distinct to this much anticipated festival show.
What I would describe as nothing short of a light show is seen as the park begins to darker for the evening performances.

The band begin a dizzying and transcendent performance with ‘Wanderlust’ a spacey composition of charming and stimulating guitar riffs.
Justin gives an outstanding performance- he shows real drive and Pizzazz in his vocals and demeanour.

However, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed – this performance does not differ much from the last and the same songs and set are apparently heard.

The Vaccines are no doubt stunning performers with the ability to people please indie lovers alike- but I cannot shake the feeling of wanting more.

The festival finishes with legends “Bombay Bicycle Club”on main stage.
Lighters and beers are plentiful as Londoners Jack, Jamie, Suren and Ed ready to close the splendour of this festival.
Much to my surprise- a trumpet player is seen amongst the group- earning cheers and screams from the thousands of onlookers.

Redemption is felt by all fans below- a band with success dating back to 2009.
I am hopeful this will be the most memorable performance that people can take home with them.

Songs like “Feel” and “Home by Now” create nostalgia within the atmosphere as the body of people begins to sing along.
‘Lights Out,Words Gone’ is a groovy number with a transcending baseline and 80’s feel- exhibiting that this band really do not just fit into the Indie Rock Category.

Live at Leeds in the Park is legendary in its own right- a debut that will be remembered for years to come.