What can and should be done to support independent music venues?

It’s always sad to see music venues close their doors and the hullabaloo repeats its self online every time. Recently we saw The Harley in Sheffield close its doors.  An iconic venue? It had its moments sure, but it wasn’t designed for live music, more a pub that squeezed in a stage and put on a few nights.  I have to give it to them, they did host some cracking gigs there but on all accounts the Harley was really quiet for the majority of the week and made a crust on the weekends.

We need to use them before we lose them!

Rents, the council / private builders building flats near venues, hire costs for promoters rising, and poor management of venues are all reasons why these things happen, but….

Can the general music loving public that are outraged by another music venue closure take a look at themselves too?

The music industry has changed and split, its practically unaffordable now to watch the big shows at the city halls and the arenas.

People still won’t come out mid week and pay £5 to watch 3 bands either? Why? How do we get people out and break habits? I don’t know. I find it strange.

Every band / artist you see advertised on major tours all started in the small venues, Sheffield and Manchester have so much musical talent and attracts the best up and coming touring bands from all over the country.

So when you go out to a mid week gig you have every chance of finding your next favourite band. Every chance.. Take a punt, turn off the telly (catch up later) pop your new shirt on, Grab your better half, pay a £5er and see what happens.

Nothing will change until we the music loving people change our mindsets and go out more midweek, it’s as simple as that.