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I said I likely wouldn’t be able to put this into words but I’m going to try.

Not your typical festival by a long shot, the new project by powerhouse street busker Cam Cole known as New Age Collective is something that was personally very dear to him to be able to achieve. And by achieve he absolutely blew everyone away. Tickets were free (which to me is beautiful because honestly given the sort of music being played I think artists should be able to make a living but it’s also incredible it gets made accessible for people)

There was a limited number of them meaning the field was about 250 including nomadic people in their vans and campers. There was a bar, BBQ, incredible fire performers from Raze Hell as well as beautiful acoustic sets, the place was covered in fairy lights and lit the treeline up in such a way that it looked as if they were made of stars. So it was an ethereal environment before any of the main acts even hit the stage.

True Strays were the openers. With their stunning blend of folk Americana they provided the entire tone and backdrop for what was to come, some people dancing, some just chattering, cheering and settling in but everyone very much engaged.

The fire girls of Raze Hell provided entertainment between sets from a hand build podium next to the stage and each time was just incredible.

As dusk fell into the evening, The Dead Reds hit the hand build stage. They always bring it to every show they do but this time they brought extra and then some. They had a few new album tracks to show off as well as some older classics and by this point crowds had started to form around the stage with more people dancing and getting involved.

The Gulls came next – with the start of their Robin Hood busk Tour going up the country to raise money for The Trussell Trust. So this evening show was an absolute blinder to kick it all off and they had a load of new tracks to present too – one in particular made me cry. (In a good way it’s amazing) and their continuing energy of wanting to bring fun to people and make them smile is completely evident in everything they do and is woven into the music.

Last but by no means least I’m pretty convinced the natural habitat of Cam Cole is a field with a sky of stars. The sound fit so well to the environment as if that’s how you’re intended to listen to it making it a spellbinding experience. The mosh pits were both hard and tame at the same time was if there was a energy there that doesn’t exist at punk shows for example. It was founded on positivity. Cam himself had a load of classics as well as new tracks but he’s always incredible to see live due to the way he plays, you’ve no idea which tracks you’ll get or if you get random in-between riffs since he just does whatever he feels in the moment which is what makes his shows so brilliant. All in all a magical experience

As far as I can tell, the New Age Collective stage will go on tour in the near future and The Gulls are currently on a busk tour. They hit Manchester on Saturday 8th raising money for The Trussell Trust so check their socials for where you can catch them