What happened at Jamie T’s exclusive acoustic show in Liverpool?

After 5 or so years off the grid, Jamie T returns with a selection of ‘In-Store Style’ acoustic shows up and down the country to promote his newly anticipated album ‘The Theory Of Whatever’.

RGM headed down to his Liverpool show at Hanger 34, which in turn due to high demand sparked the creation of two shows on the 8th. A matinee performance and the original evening performance.

We headed down to the venue, which is set amongst an industrial estate in which you can find hidden little bars and eateries. This seemed entirely fitting for the ‘exclusive’ sold out shows that occupied the area.
Fans that crowded the Hanger seemed to stay around Jamie’s age and that surprised me quite a bit! Although it is expected for his OG admirers to be the most interested, the new album I feel does appeal to a younger audience and I expected to see a more formative fan base present.

As 5PM approached, Jamie casually saunters on stage giving a humble wave to the audience below dressed in jeans and his trademark Ralph cap we have seen more recently.
He starts with a brief chit chat, letting us know this is indeed not the standard ‘in-store’ he has been used to previously- jesting if he had known the scale of these venues that he would have brought a ‘F*****g band’ and ‘prepared a little more’. The people below however were not phased and assuring and joking with him that ‘he should just do his best’.

‘Brand New Bass Guitar’ and ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ are some of the first tunes to be played- an ode to his earlier work and do a fantastic job of warming up his fans of what’s yet to come.

‘Talk is Cheap’ is one of my favourites off the new record and live this song has even more vengeance. People stood at all sides of me join in on the chorus of this acoustic ballad also, confirming that this indeed is a fan favourite out of the catalogue of his new material.

After a while, it is clear to see the singer becomes frustrated with just sitting down and removes his chair from the stage to be seen more comfortably.
The crowd begins it’s karaoke as ‘If You’ve Got The Money’ is performed. Everyone, Jamie included, seems to be far more at home now and the classics (as always) have gone down a treat.

As he breaks for some brief talking, Jamie explains the next song when written in the studio was ‘obviously a classic’ and ‘knew it would be platinum’. Not unexpectedly, he breaks out into ‘Zombie’ an indie classic that has stayed with many of us since the 2000’s.

Jamie, like a classic performer, leaves the stage and insists that was the end of his show. However, fans obviously were not convinced given that one of the last of his charting singles had been missed. Like something out of a comedic panto, Jamie teased the crowd as he bobbed his head out of side stage as the crowd chanted ‘One more song! One more song’.
Not needing much convincing, ‘Shelia’ is the next to be heard. The perfect end to an extremely nostalgic afternoon, convincing fans once again Jamie T is back- and not going anywhere.