“Where did all the people go?” that is the question we are asked as we are lulled into a beautiful nonchalant phase. Grasping the words that seem to float casually through the air, you find yourself instantly swaying your head from side to side. With such a dreamy flow it takes a moment to twig that this is not your traditional ballad.

Following on from his first release ‘ON THE BOTTLE’ at the beginning of June. This darkened pop song is 20 year old Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Jack Bestows second single under his lockdown project WHITE NOVELS.

Jack describes the lyrics as “people forgetting where they have come from and their own social responsibilities.” The song is brimming with semantics and I found that the sentiments i felt from the lyrics suit a lot of the social situations that have been getting important coverage as of late. The BLM movement and even the whole JK Rowling transphobia disgruntlement. Stemming far from the ‘Be Kind’ trend that mere months ago was hitting headlines daily showcasing everyone’s social media platforms full of retweets and shares encouraging each other to “BE KIND”. How quickly that message was lost when the battle for toilet roll and hand sanitiser came about at the start of lockdown.

The sentiments felt from ‘THERES NO HAPPINESS’ can be interpreted to suit whatever situation befits you. I particularly like the line “first to point the finger, you’re a hypocrite.” Mic drop! How poignant is that line! Seriously I heard it and my first reaction was yep, spot-on, here’s a round of applause!

There does not seem to be much that Jack cannot do. From songwriting, producing, recording, designing, marketing, merch, and maintaining his social media platforms and all from the comfort of his own bedroom. There seems to be no stopping his creative mind.