It’s always an undoubtedly pleasant surprise, when something comes along that just sounds so outside the box that you have no idea what to do with what you just heard. That’s precisely how WIINK’s single L.M.I.T.S feels.  

Even from the abstract cover art of a man falling through a mixture of dripping colours gives nothing away as to what you’re in for. Opening with some of the most intense funk-rock, psychedelic punk styled guitar heard in recent years. It’s easily the most gripping part of the song, with just an unending intensity that slaps the listener to attention immediately. There’s not a single moment of let up from those opening moments, although some of the intensity gives way for the vocals to hit later on. 

The vocals themselves are an interesting fit, utilising the lead singers thick British accent to give a distinct sound and feel. It evokes the memories and ideas of Punk and its original British roots with the slight cracks and restless delivery. The lyrics aren’t explicit but give a general idea of a relationship on the rocks, with the title being an abbreviation of the chorus’s main line, Leaving Me In The Sun. Evoking feelings of being left for dead, an interesting metaphor for a breakup for sure. 

This is all backed up by a full force drum beat that just fills any little bit of space that was left for the song to breathe. It leaves the listener in a complete daze with how hard it hits, and it’s this high impact style that fits greatly with L.M.I.T.S sound. 

Lastly are of course the synth and other effects, accentuating the unique and wild guitar with a very heavy modern synth-rock flavour. Along with the use of distortion and a subtle buzzing mixture that just puts the cherry on top. 

As a whole, L.M.I.T.S is a trip, but also an excellent showcase of how there is always some new sound to be found somewhere. It’s this melting pot of influences that the underground and indie scenes are fostering so well in todays day and age.