Wildest – Sugar (The Choice Is Yours)

Toying with swirling synth-y soundscapes and dreamy flowing harmonies, Wildest present their new single ‘Sugar (The Choice Is Yours)’.

The dream-pop Leeds-based group have cut absolutely no corners in securing the catchiness of their latest single, making use of every hook, melody and harmony to ensure the tracks memorability won’t go unnoticed.

Dramatically panned, cool synths spin around the introduction of the track and welcome in bright electric piano chords. The drums play a standard on-the-beat rhythm but pack a seriously powerful punch with each hit. Similarly, the bass riffs throughout the track sway in a more simplistic direction but once the rhythm section joins forces, the groove felt throughout the music is incredibly infectious. The vocals recite the lines, “Timmy’s on the phone honey, and Johnny’s at the door. They both wanna borrow some sugar, who’d you wanna give it to more?”, in double-tracked harmonies flowing together above the music. Along with the rhythm section, the placement of the vocal phrasing too cements the robust structure of the tracks rhythm.

The chorus blossoms into a thicker level of instrumentation, creating a warm, balanced depth to the more impactful section of the music. Adding further synth-scapes, the addition of sparkly music-box adlibs adds an extra ethereal touch to the spacious music.

‘Sugar (The Choice Is Yours)’ effortlessly blends the versatility of synth pop with the grooves of funk and cool nature of lo-fi bedroom pop into a luscious addition to your music library. The placement of each melody along with the vocal phrasings capture both sheer desire from the vocalist whilst a perpetual atmosphere of slick hooks and hard grooves lift the up and beyond the boundaries of its musical influences.

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