Wisecrack – The Grief Dance

With the motto ‘anti-fascist. pro-fun’, Wisecrack are an outfit releasing music that will instantly make your feet tap and head bop. The Grief Dance is the second of four singles released in preparation for the band’s third, upcoming album of the same name.

Mainly residing in the alternative rock genre, ‘The Grief Dance’ fuses punk rock sensibilities with the uplifting nature of indie rock to tell its story. Beginning solely acoustic, the track builds into a righteous anthem, making it one of Wisecrack’s most diverse numbers to date.

‘The Grief Dance’ is one of those track’s that refuses to be played at a low level. Turn your speakers on and play this loud, and you’ll hear the track fully show what it’s capable of. A strong live contender (whenever that may be), Wisecrack’s powerful songwriting fully kicks in just after the halfway mark.

Clearly head-banging material, ‘The Grief Dance‘ is confident and illustrates a skilful band ready for the next step. Hard-hitting as the time goes on, the grunge infused anthem takes the band up to a new level.

As for the music video? Wisecrack showcase their random yet humorous side while making sandwiches. Hungry for some new tracks? The forthcoming album ‘The Grief Dance‘ drops later this year.