Woman You Stole – Shake

Woman You Stole bring us their third single ‘SHAKE. Following a summer full of sold-out shows, the band opened up for Piroshka (ex-Lush and Elastica) and even made their first appearance at the acclaimed Dot to Dot Festival. SHAKE! was recorded at 6db studios in Salford, with Simon ‘Ding’ Archer (The Fall, Pixies, PJ Harvey and Black Francis’ bassist).

While sticking to their roots, the influences that the band bring to the table are eccentric but humble. Hailing from Manchester, the unique vibe that the band create is strange but will hold your gaze from start to finish. 

SHAKE! takes on the idea of gender stereotyping in modern society. At RGM, we really like how they summit the aura with their opinions and stand their ground. Taking the power back and gaining your own identity, the single feature infectious riffs, uplifting the song and especially the chorus.

The chorus is a call and response arrangement, the listeners simply ‘shake it’ and ‘take it down’. Holding momentum throughout, the post-punk nature is rebellious and fused with wild nature. One thing I’d say is the instrumentation should be tighter as it feels somewhat loose.

Finding it’s way through the cringe-worthy but contagious lyrics, there’s something that will make you stick this track on repeat and that’s the pure, opinionated honesty.