Woolly Jumper – Big Bird EP

Uniting surfer and new wave grunge together in a hazy drunken air, Dublin-based stoner rockers Woolly Jumper release their ‘Big Bird’ EP.

The six-track EP certainly embodies the carefree style of Violent Femmes and the static grit of Palma Violets. With unpolished mixing, overly twangy tones and slightly monotonous vocals, on paper the music doesn’t really sell itself. However, the energy and atmosphere the EP radiates is undeniably cool. The ‘Big Bird’ EP makes me feel like a teen again and would be the perfect accompaniment to a camp out or house party.

Standing out most significantly on the EP is ‘Beach House’, ‘Catch Me’ and ‘Goodbye Toxicity’. ‘Beach House’ is the perfect opener for an EP like this- it’s purely fun stoner rock. Leading with a questionably tuned guitar and upbeat, busy guitar-band instrumentation, you can visualise the vitality of a live performance from these guys. Spouting less-than-deep lyrics such as –     “I want you beach house, I want to reach out, down by the lighthouse, four euro for a pint of stout”, you want to be bouncing around the room whilst chanting the lyrics back to them.

The EP continues its raucous energy throughout the track listing but settles down slightly with ‘Catch Me’. ‘Catch Me’ features a more substantial influence of doomer rock through deeper, chunkier riffs and mantric vocals. Though not as infectiously cheery as the rest of the EP, ‘Catch Me’ adds some needed diversity to the collection of songs, ensuring you’re still hooked for the remaining track. 

After the wonderfully climactic end to ‘Catch me’, ‘Goodbye Toxicity’ closes the ‘Big Bird’ EP, who’s style makes me reminisce over Ween’s 2003 album ‘Quebec’. The vocalist keeps a strong lead throughout the track and really holds itself as a solid closer to the EP. The outro is slightly long but allows the EP to softly fade away as the excitement settles down alongside it.

Put simply, the ‘Big Bird’ EP is just massively fun. It defies all the stylistic rules of a pristine  collection of music but it’s all the better for it. As the band currently work on their second EP, I’ll be thoroughly enjoying blasting this one out at my next BBQ.