Workwear – People Together

Beth Anderton-Allen aka London based artist WORKWEAR focuses on euphoric electronic beats within her discography. 

Also known for being lead vocalist and writer in London duo GØSPEL, this new exciting venture hears the songwriter in a diverse limelight.

Another creation that formed itself during the Coronavirus pandemic, ‘People Together’ is a house number that was completely self-produced by Beth. 

‘People Together’ draws a line on the darkness, and reflects on what the world’s been through recently and what it continues to go through. A track that’s made to bring together as one, hence the title, ‘People Together’ elevates with it’s empowering message. 

With subtle elements of lo-fi, the prominent house track uses a simple approach to illustrate poise. Combining a grooving bass line with clear vocals, ‘People Together’ builds into a hypnotic dance track. 

Like something you’d hear in a theatrical performance or even on a catwalk, ‘People Together’ flows with flair. 

Consisting of ethereal vocals, nostalgic drum rhythms and sounds, ‘People Together’ is repetitive in places with it’s mantra-like vocals, but it’s message needs to be heard. 

Try getting this number out of your head… it’ll find its way into the deepest, darkest of places and surround it’s beauty.