Xav Clarke – Good Enough

Good Enough“… more like great enough.

This multi-instrumentalist deserves wider recognition, and an arena of people screaming his name. Nostalgic in places but mostly a breath of fresh air, Xav Clarke is a musician and composer from Dorset, UK, who’s taking on the psychedelic pop music scene with confidence.

Ever get that nagging thought that you’re not good enough? Of course you do, you’re human, we all get it. Inspired by that feeling that comes to your mind in the most inconvenient time, this track navigates well needed positivity. Euphoric and able to instantly put a smile on your face, ‘Good Enough‘ illustrates that you are indeed good enough.

Whenever you’re feeling low, this track should be your go-to song for that little ‘pick me up’ you may need. Bathed in disco, chill-wave and indie-pop elements, this powerful songwriter could easily have the world in his hands if people would stop and listen.

Stating that your imperfections are your perfections, its quite ironic as there’s not one bad thing to say about this track. Coated with complex instrumentation, the easy-listening vocals glide throughout with confidence and poise.