Y-Not Festival : It wasn’t all doom and gloom.

I have returned from Y-Not Festival, on a mates stag doo, we have seen all the negative stories coming from the festival and wanted to share our experience.

Yes it was muddy, yes it got worse throughout the weekend and yes it’s a shame we didn’t get to see some of the bands on the main stage but safety has to come first and it was the right call.

On Saturday night I was on my way back to the glamping area (Which was well worth paying extra £ for) and the number of people that were struggling to get around had obviously increased.

The ground that us humans take for granted for being flat became a brown sticky shit tip of holes and deep mud. Although not impossible to negotiate, it was an absolute ball ache.

It wasn’t all doom n gloom at Y-Not and it’s important that all those people having a go online understand, here are a few things that I got up too that I’m allowed to publish without breaking the what happens on a stag doo, stays on a stag doo rule.

I’m from Sheffield, and the number of local bands playing the festival was impressive, I was walking around high 5ing passing talent as if it was going out of fashion.

On Friday we spent most of the night down at the allotment where This Feeling had their stage, a spot on the This Feeling roster has the be the holy grail for bands as they offer such great development opportunities.

I just misse the  The Assist set which was unfortunate but managed to catch up with the lads backstage. As usual, they were on top form and a joy to be around.

I continued to wander about and spy some friendly faces down near the Xandao stage. It was English Rains finest Dan Jenkinson and Jamie Heawood so spent the remainder of the evening with them catching Humble Williams and having a right good chin wag necking the booze like gannets.

Saturday – My concentration levels weren’t great so spent the early afternoon looking around all the stages having a great time discovering the festival on my own.

I made it back down to see those scamps The Velcro Teddy Bears at the Xanadu stage then marched up to watch Liberty Ship, Sheafs and the strawberries at the allotment. I watched Liberty Ship play the main stage at Tramlines last weekend. These lads are more than at home on the big stages now and it’s been great to watch their progression. Sheafs have a stage presence that can’t be matched at the min. Laurence lead the lads through 35 mins of pure chaos.

Next up Adelphi in a saloon bar with a name I forget. I have to say that I don’t think you will find a more fine tuned band at the minute. Their tunes are fresh and melodic and no one can tell a story as good as lead singer Matt Longden.

I ended up with Jack Galvin, bass player in Crooked Flames on my shoulders during the performance while the packed crowd cheers the name of Adelphi bass player Charlie for a reason i forget. We continue to cheer and ride the night into darkness. I had a ball.

Then Sunday happened. You know how that went, I’ll leave you with this, if it was your festival and you had to make a tough call about people being potentially injured or just dissapointed. What would you pick?