Yelgo7 – Childhood

Egyptian-American songwriter & rapper Yelgo7 uses music as a sort of escapism. Highlighting life struggles in latest single ‘Childhood‘, the hip-hop infused single actually inspired him to take rap more seriously and use it a form of therapy. An artist that uses music to self-express, the latest release focuses on traumas and experiences that Yousuf (aka Yelgo7) went through as a child.

Childhood‘ clearly states that the trauma Yousuf went through in a way helped shape him into the artist he is today. Recorded in Degraw Sound with Harper James as the main producer, the prominent hip-hop groove has hidden meanings that the public eye can relate to. Consciously following the beat and uses rhythmical vocals to get the point across of feeling agitated, ‘Childhood’ stands out from the ground by using mainstream rap alongside a sort of emo soundscape.

Coated with moments of solitude yet reassurance, ‘Childhood‘ doesn’t dynamically shift much. Staying the same throughout, the arrangement still holds your gaze and doesn’t let you look anywhere else.

Stating that he knows he was tested for a reason, it feels that Yelgo7’s motto is ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. An experience not for the faint, Yelgo7’s latest release showcases growth and that there’s always hope.