Coming together in February 2019 and with 2 EP’s under their belt. Y!kes have recently released their latest single ‘STEP AWAY’ from their second masterpiece EP ‘MASS!VE’.

So what awaits us from their latest creation?

With a flair for the flamboyant, out of this worldly approach to their previous music videos. ‘STEP AWAY’ ventures along with the same extraordinarily, weird imaginative minds of Y!KES. Filming mostly in Blackpool and partly in Manchester, the band arrives in their aptly shaped spaceship to visit their favorite planet. Earth.

Spending the weekend being pursued by ‘Terry the intergalactic bastard’. ‘STEP AWAY’ shows the joy a trip to the seaside town can bring to whomever visits.

From lurking around corners in the arcades to sunny beach walk, to altercations in the car park. It’s not long before the whole gang is united and having fun together.

The band that hail themselves as shambolic anti-pop consists of Oli long (vocals), TJ Westen (drums), Liam Howard (guitar), and Matt Ford (bass). Together they are the collective mind of Y!KES HQ and are responsible for my new favorite YouTube video.

Scrolling through the bands back catalogue via YouTube I came across something that demanded to be seen. A segment titled ‘The quarantine diaries’. Clearly, the band has been keeping themselves busy during the past few months of the disastrous 2020.

Clicking the link I was greeted by a video that just warrants more screen time. A simplistic dance video that will no doubt guarantee to add a few new dance moves to your repertoire. ‘Bear Frills dance workout routine’. I suggest you go check it out after you have watched the dreamy beach shenanigans of ‘STEP AWAY’.

Now let’s see your rockstar eyes.