Y!KES – Long Gone Silver

Birmingham’s Y!KES are back with their first 2021 single “Long Gone Silver“, a stomping punk-rock anthem filled with screaming guitars and raging vocals a perfect anti-pop composition fit for any rebel youth.

The song opens with a passionately aggressive bass riff which echos across the track in an infectious rampage that will be swirling around you head for days after hearing it. The band’s arrangement of the track is reminiscent of a pop-track but beautifully turned on its head in a suitably punk fashion – with impressive instrumentation and contagious percussion which would be nothing but spectacular in a live set.

The band wear their influences on their sleeve, murmurs of Muse and Alice in Chains are intertwined within the band’s sound, creating a guitar fuelled monster. Lead singer Oli’s vocals are raw and unpolished which paired with the lyrical content of the track results in a perfectly gritty sound worthy of any modern-grunge band. Y!KES appear to exist to remind us that rock music is here to stay, it’s kicking and screaming, roaring to go when venues reopen and Y!KES are at the front of the queue.

Long Gone Silver” is 2 minutes 42 seconds of grunge power and would fit in very comfortably in any playlist that you listen to when you need to get pumped up. Y!KES certainly are ones to watch and this track is most certainly one to hear, make sure you listen and keep up to date with the group, I have a hunch that this is only the beginning for them.