Y!kes: Shadow Gallery

Ah, the guitar-heavy power ballad; it’s been a while. These kinds of tunes are heard at festivals all around the world, and as cheesy and sappy as they are, they’re the perfect cap to a booze-filled singalong. End of the day, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” is a fucking tune, and if you disagree, then there’s just no help for you.

And Y!kes have added another overblown addition to this daft roster of tunes. “Shadow Gallery” is everything typical of this type of song: loud guitars; gravely vocals; and an easy to remember chorus. Y!Kes are defined by these hallmarks with blaring, crunchy guitars and gritty, straight-from-the-heart vocals their signatures.

The track’s structure follows a simple framework of BIG guitar hooks and LOUD instrumental backing, then soft arpeggiated melodies and gruff vocals slowing proceedings down for fans to catch their breath. This is what’s known as the “Foo Fighters Formula”, and while that might sound like a backhanded compliment, it’s a sound that works for them and they play it with panache.

Shadow Gallery” is big, full of cheese and is a bit silly. But it’s heartfelt and sincere and is guaranteed to get you shredding your vocal cords at a festival.