There is a long continual discussion that has been plaguing the minds of the universe for eons. The whole “nice guy finishes last” debacle.

A common topic for those who find themselves stumbling into a situation, that generally leads to a scenario in which they are passed over. Often in favour of something that is in many cases the polar opposite of themselves.

Unfortunately, there is no magical inside information on my part as to why a ‘girl loves a bad boy’. We all crave excitement and adventure and more often than not, it is what tends to stem from the bad boy persona. However, these types tend to be a stepping stone to figuring out what exactly it is you want from a partner. Sometimes you need a few bad eggs to appreciate a good egg. (Not my best analogy but hey-ho, I’m going with it).

This long-debated controversy is a storyline in which YXL Ayo has found himself pondering many times. Hence the title of his latest single ‘BAD GUY’.

The afro swing vibe cites questions many of us have asked. Do girls really prefer bad guys to good guys? Why do they only seemingly want a good guy after being hurt by the bad guy? These are questions that invoked Ayo to write down his thoughts.

Delving into his own life experiences and contemplations of previous encounters. Is being described as ‘too nice’ a bad thing?

Originally written during lockdown where he spent his time developing ‘BAD GUY’ to what it is now. Even recording the first verse, hook and ridge in his mother’s dining room. All whilst working full time and releasing his EP ‘QUAYSIDE DRIVE’ back in April. YXL Ayo is a force that doesn’t stop. His array of songs are a mixture of multi genres stemming from hip hop, RnB to even a touch of pop. Stating that his music-making depends on how he feels at the time and that he loves all music as it is the one thing that consistently makes him happy.

The video that accompanies the song is described as a cautionary tale of “how one’s need for love can cause them to change how they are, which inevitably leads to them doing things which are out of character to impress their lover.” The guy doing all he can to keep the Bonnie to his Clyde. But wherein they both die anyway. A sort of spoiler paradox in which we see the inevitable conclusion played out at the start. The story then unfolds, conveying to us exactly how the dramatic ending of this love-crazed man evolved.

Hats off to director Will Ainsworth, the cinematic experience felt through his lens is exceptional and brings the whole song to light in a way that leaves you oddly satisfied. There is no confusion as to what is going on. It’s extremely well directed and produced and left me feeling awed at the incredible talent that has clearly been involved in this release.

Find the video when it premiers on the 9th October here ????