Zennira – Thinner

This new single from the three-piece Scottish outfit is an instant pick me up, although the lyrics below the beats are not always as glittery as the instrumentals would have you believe. Brimming with vibrant pop rhythms to accompany the deep, soulful vocals wonderfully to create layer upon layer of meticulously placed melody.

Following in the footsteps of Rag’n’Bone Man in attempting to give this very raw, rough around the edges sound a modern, clean twist, they have combined sampling with keyboards and brass to give their music a wonderfully full sound for the words to sit atop.

The band refers to Thinner as being “The song is written from the perspective of a typical, frustrated, 20 something Scottish person, not feeling totally happy with their life, which just about everyone can relate to”, but to describe it in such bland terms does real injustice to the complexity and mesmeric qualities of the arrangement. You can really feel the mixture of soul, pop and blues influences which are rooted deep within their music, and the way they bring them together to create a very modern, unique sound is phenomenal.

Thinner is the first step in what you can only imagine will be a long, and successful journey for Zennira. Anyone who can combine the old with the new, the raw with the polished and the experimental with the popular so meticulously deserves every ounce of praise that they may, and surely will get. Whether they move more towards the pop side of their sound or explore deeper into their soul roots, we are extremely excited to join them on their journey.