Liverpool’s ZULU present to us their new single ‘Kaleidoscope’ and a kaleidoscopic track it sure is with psychedelic guitars and entrancing synth presenting to us a multitude of colours and sounds.  

ZULU blend together familiar synthpop sounds of the 80’s with the funky rhythms of 70’s disco. Combined with an upbeat tempo we have a memorable and catchy pop song.  

The production is great and you can pick out each instrument so easily so I tip my hat to the quality and effort that has gone into making this indie/pop track sound the best it can. Especially those synths bleeding through in the breaks. There are some great tones with clean guitars in the bridge and the bass sounds nice and crisp.  

The bass and drums (especially the latter) play a vital rhythm with plenty of pace behind them to keep up with the cheeky guitar riffs and synths. The drum fills in the chorus are exciting and add an extra flavour in a moment where you’d expect all attention to be in other areas. 

The chorus is the standout part of Kaleidoscope and it is so infectious. After a couple of listens, I found myself unconsciously singing along and it reminds me of the choruses we have at the moment from leading UK indie rock acts.  

Lieutenant John Chard said in the movie ZULU ‘I came here to build a bridge’ and I think the bridge is where the song falls short. It is merely just a break so we can get back to that catchy chorus and as a whole, it isn’t a bad thing due to how memorable the selling point is. However, the short and lacklustre break feels like it could have gone off on another psychedelic tangent.  

The vocals fall nicely into the instruments like one of those buddy-trust programs and together they have me hooked.  

A really catchy and exciting effort from a rising Liverpool band that I’m sure we’ll see on the bill with established indie acts very soon.